Troy Briggs 

*site in progress
*this is a sort of workbench, where I’m deciding if these things are thoughts, tinkerings, life or art.

in process   

don’t wait until they are dead to love them
between 128 and 139 seconds

recent work 

ambient swann
the fold (more text and image) (make ill)
pipe music
every room has a voice  (make ill)
gloaming hour 
this is what forgetting looks like
man is half-open, being (more text and image)
shutter- shudder (more text and image)
still light (recover hard drive)
urban gray ballroom
(b.) “i’ve got you under my skin”
by heart

older work i still find interesting (10 years+)

father figure
live audio from inside a childs closet (make ill)
domain (more text and image)
falling (fix embed bug)

other stuff for fun. Pss= our dogs name.