in 2013 I was at a residency on a tree farm in Ohio. At the time it was called Harold arts.

you might have already seen it but “gloaming hour”  was the project I was working on.

while there I met Tricia Van Eck and during walks, through the woods, we had a series of interesting conversations about nature and our (humans) relationship with it. I had recently completed my collaboration with blue eyes on (b.) another project you might have already seen.

she described a clutter, a glaring, or a pounce of feral cats that had taken up residence at the venue in  a sort of   “And she swallowed the spider

To catch the fly”. sort of way.

the conversations resulted in the project I completed at 6018 north in response to her group show prompt “public/private”.

during my time at the space, getting to know the cats I was struck one afternoon when one of the cats had snuck inside after the rain. They were long gone (shy of human presence) but I followed the wet paw prints around the mostly empty house to the window sill where it seemed to have sat watching out the window.

there was something about this “feral” unhomed cat coming inside to stare outside that struck me as sad and beautiful.  a sort of ouroboros.

for the project “domain” I set up a CCTV camera in the spot where the cat sat and had a live stream sent out to a corresponding monitor in a shelter I built for the cats.

the video playing as the background is that feed.